FNaF 9 Security Breach Game Play Online

FNaF universe is something exciting and unique. These series are popular for a reason – they are not similar to anything you have ever seen in the world of horror games. Being created on the real nightmares of a real person, these games seems like the doors to childhood fears, scare of the dark, and anxiety. All the games from the series are based on the story about alive robotic animals – animatronics. The core characters are Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, and other creatures. These core animals can be met almost in all parts of the franchise, but there are more of them that will appear in the separate chapters and make the entire story richer. Each animatronic has his/her own personality, habits, and even preferred entertainments. Some of them like music boxes, the others are fond of cartoons, still other like playing games. Now you have a chance to meet them all and learn the entire story – we have gathered all the parts of the game right here and they are available for all of pour dear visitors for free. Have fun and don’t get too scared if you can!

Let’s discuss the backbone of the FNaF series. Freddy Fazbear is the main animatronic that owns a pizzeria in the first chapters of the game. His first pizzeria is opened in the town and has a great popularity around the citizens. They come here and have fun with furry animatronics – happy and joyful robots that sing songs and play games. However, they change a lot when the night comes and only the guardsman knows their true entity. You will play for that guardsman and stay with animatronics to check and fix them. But they are going to attack you for no reason, so you will need to find a way to defend yourself. The FNaF stories prescribe a passive role – you cannot fight the robots back. The only thing you can do stay alive is hiding from them and trying to block the entrances into the room. Still, the story will become deeper once you discover new chapters of the game. The next parts will tell you more about the background of the robotic animals and you will find out that they are actually connected with the souls of the poor children who were violently killed by the maniacs. Some fans suggest that the animatronics actually are those souls – they live inside of the suits and control them to take a revenge. The guilty guys appear as guardsmen in the series and this is the real reason for animatronics to torture them. They are looking for a revenge and calm after death. That is why they are so violent and attacking.
We have gathered all the existing parts of the series, from the debut one till the freshest game released in 2021. Also, we have a special edition FNaF: Custom Night, where you have a unique chance to create your own animatronics and try to survive against them. The games are all free, unblocked, and available online. We recommend you to pass the entire story from the first chapter till the end and play it entirely to grasp the atmosphere and a cool story behind the game. Please be aware that the games include scenes of violence, creepy content, and jumpscares. Get ready for a really terrifying journey with Freddy and his friends – they are already waiting for you in the darkness. Play now and experience the real horror of animatronics!

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