Freddy’s pizzeria was closed after a horrible incident depicted in the second part of the game. Thirteen years have passed, but time means nothing for animatronics. They have been waiting for a new era and now they are back. You will play for a new protagonist and become a guard one more time. Five nights of terror are ahead, so embrace yourself and get ready for the worst scenario ever. William Afton or a Purple Guy have deconstructed four animatronics – Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. The souls that were living in these animatronics surround the guard in the room where the robots couldn’t enter. William wants to hide from the revenge and puts on the suit of Bonnie. However, he is unlucky. Due to a breakage or some other unclear issue, the costume turns the regime of an animatronic, activates endo-skeleton, and kills William. Initially, Bonnie’s costume were available for people and animatronics, but for technical reasons, its springs were thrown out inside and this killed people. This is where the name Spring Trap comes from.
You will hear the story of Spring Trap and broken Bonnie’s costume every night – the Phone Guy will tell them. The game has two endings: one of them is good and the other, as you have guessed – is bad. If you didn’t pass the small games, then you will see five heads of animatronics at the end. You will also see the sign “Bad Ending”. The good ending is shown in case you passed all the small games during every night. The heads of the animatronics at the end won’t be lighten up and the sign will say: “The End”. The game has a Nightmare regime and after passing one, you will see the newspaper where the information about the broken attractions and the tragedy will be written. Spring Trap stayed alive after this story.

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26 Stars
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