FNaF series are extremely popular among all horror fans. These games can boast of an original idea, numerous bright characters, and really spooky atmosphere. These are exactly the core reasons why gamers appreciate the series that much. During the previous parts of the game, you were meeting numerous strange mechanical animals that seem to be out of service a bit. They behave nice at the daytime and work as entertainers in the pizzeria. But when the night comes, these guys turn into monsters and want to spill human blood and kill. Unluckily, the only witness and victim of their cruelty at night is you. And we welcome you to experience the opposition with animatronics for the ninth time. Are you ready?

Horrible Freddy’s Pizzeria Grows Bigger

Unlike all the previous parts of FNaF, this one can boast of a larger environment. In the previous ones, you were literally doomed to sit on your chair in the office and passively watch how the doors and ventilations open to let the monsters in. You had the only action – closing the doors and trying to block the entrances to avoid meeting the creatures face to face, which would end badly for you. However, now you are welcome to feel yourself freely. The game is not limited to the office of a guardsman, while the building is larger than a city pizzeria. Now it is a huge mall, an entertainment center, where numerous attractions, rooms, and zones are located. Unlike before, you, the main hero of this story, have an opportunity to move around the huge location instead of sitting still and waiting for the horrible monsters to come. Now you can walk, search for different items that would help you stand against the monsters, and search for the places to hide when you are in danger. Of course, the animatronics have more freedom of action, as well. So you have to be very careful and make sure that these guys won’t put their bloody paws on you. In case you get caught by the monsters, this will end your adventure. Still, you can deal with them in numerous ways, including distractions – just find what they are interested in and let them play a bit, so you can hide at that time. Be witty and use everything you can find to use it against your enemies. Have fun and try not to die!

Meet Monsters and Discover a New Story

In the ninth chapter of FNaF, you will meet new and old animatronics. Among them, you will find those you have already seen in the previous chapters as those you have never met before. What is more, according to the game’s plot, there is a concert held in the mall. Kids come to this event and the animatronics sing and play on the stage. They are rockers and namely – the glam-rockers, being dressed accordingly. So we bet that you have never seen them wearing such clothes. However, the concert in this game is more than just an entertainment and a chance to see the monsters in a new light. This is a starting spot of the plot, where the horrible murder of one of the kids happens. The blond character Vanessa does this horrible deed, since she is obsessed by the maniac’s spirit… Immerse yourself into the story and do your best to survive.

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