The forth part of FNaF will tell you more about the animatronics and children connected with them. One of the main features of the game is a range of cool small games. From one of these games, you will find out that a child was bitten by Freddy Fazbear. He was in the room where the toys are the small copies of the characters: Foxy, Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy. Freddy the bear is watching after the child in the room. He claims that the small one was locked here. He tries to leave the room and knocks the door, but everything is useless, so he falls down and cries. The toys lying in the left corner of the screen are his friends, as the boy says.
The second mini game will appear after you pass the first night. This is the same rooms as in the first night, only now you can leave it. There are other rooms here – hall and bedroom. You will meet animatronics lying and sitting there – Mangle and Freddy. If you will come near to the TV set, the screamer will show up suddenly. Freddy will say that tomorrow is another day and the next night will start. This time, the kid will appear in Freddy’s pizzeria. He needs to run away, but it is almost impossible. In the fourth night, the boy will run to the street, but come back home where the elder brother will scare him. The fifth game is all about crying in the locked room. The sixth one is the one where Freddy bites the child’s head off. There are two more small games that will untangle the intrigue and explain the horror that happened previously, so do your best to pass them all to the winning end if you can! They really are creepy!

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