FNAF Security Breach Vanessa

Vanessa (Vanny), the new character you will play for. This blond-haired young girl has small face traits, except of bright eyes and her cheeks are covered with adorable freckles. She wears the uniform of a guard – white shirt and dark pads above, plus she is wearing comfortable pants below and a cap on her head. Vanessa is not only a pretty girl, but skilled & attentive soldier. Being very serious about the duty, she is fully aware of how dangerous the work here is. Intuitively, she knows that this place is beyond ordinary. Vanessa is Fazbear’s guard, after all.
Being a single guardian shown completely, this character is unique. Her model is well-done and we can see her in the game, unlike all the other guardsmen starred the game before. What is more, Vanessa is the first human being and guard we can see entirely and we can even see her face – it is not covered or hidden. Additionally, she is the first lady-protagonist and the first woman guard in the entire franchise. She is controlled by Glitchtrap, so she has an alter ego. She is dangerous and Gregory knows it. The boy is fully aware: the girls is a murderer possessed by an evil spirit.
Play the game & try to stray alive during complicated & dangerous story of FNaF that becomes larger and more diverse than it ever was. Not only you will play for a new character, meet new animatronics, and follow the unknown plot. Also, you are going to experience a brand new gameplay, where you are not the one to sit in the limited space, but a player able to walk around a pretty huge complex. Deal with the animatronics, find out their story, and learn more about Vanessa, the main heroine of the chapter. Do your best to stay alive for a certain period of time and remember that animatronics become active and violent when the night falls.

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94 Stars
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