Hi there, young gamers! How about some pizza? Do you like eating delicious pizza? Well, then welcome to Freddy’s Pizzeria, only now our favorite Fazbear has something really amazing to show. Along with his buddies, the huge bear has opened a whole entertainment center, where you can have some tasty meal, play with you friends, and even visit a rock concert. Freddy cares about your good time! However, at some moment, something strange will start happening here. The animatronics are not as cute and nice as they seem. Very soon, you will meet their dark sides. And this won’t be very pleasant!

Welcoming Party Turns into a Nightmare

So, here you go, welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex! To entertain you, Freddy has arranged a concert and the latest models of animatronics are here to bring some party. They are rockers, dressed and made up as the KISS musicians. We bet that you like loud music and nice concerts! You will feel yourself like a superstar, but there is something horrible to happen next. One of the kids that visit this concert will die. His spirit will follow you, because you are the one to be blamed in a tragedy. And, as always, the animatronics won’t let you live a calm life – they are everywhere, looking for the best way to do you harm and scare you to death. This part of the game is more than a jumpscare horror, but a real arcade with a well-developed and multi-layered space. Here you will find cinema, large playing arenas, and cafes.

The Feminine Character to Play for

Vanny is the main character of this part. Unlike all the rest game that features young men as the protagonists, this time you will play for a girl. She doesn’t have a free will – her soul is immersed into the darkness and controlled by a violent spirit. As the fans may know from the teasers, she is the one to be a killer on the rock party, which means that animatronics will choose her as their next victim. Are they obsessed with the souls of dead children? What is the real reason for them to hunt people and torture them? Maybe, the mechanical animals are not as violent and crazy as you thought. This chapter of the game will pour more light into the general story. Some of the previous events and characters will be explained now and you will find out more details of the animatronics’ legend. Will you handle a challenge like that? Hope, you will. Prepare for surprises and all of them are going to be pleasant.

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