Freddy’s Pizzeria is the best place to have a rest! You won’t find a cozier place around the town for sure. When you come here, Freddy treats you with delicious meal, while happy mechanical animals sing songs and play with you. You thought that this is a heavenly place and therefore – applied for a job there. Being a poor guy without any professional skills, you started a career as a night guardsman in a pizzeria. Is there something simpler and more comfortable than sitting the whole night long in the office? You thought, that is a dream-job. However, when the first night shift started, you changed your mind too fast.
The main character of the game is Michael Afton, a young man. When the night comes, animatronics are in the regime of free roaming, so they wander around the location wherever they want. Each night you hear the voice of a Phone Guy, meet the hostile animal-robots, and do everything to stay alive till the sun rises. There are five nights in front of you, so try not to go insane during that nightmarish period. Like in the first part, the Phone Guy will give you hints and instructions – listen to him carefully and do whatever he says if you want to stay alive. He will tell you that animatronics see you as an endo-skeleton without a costume, so they will try to put one on you. However, this will end up with your death. The previous incidents were pretty much the same as this one, even though he will also tell you a lot of myths and legends that never happened. He will also tell you about the new function of the animatronics that was not available before – they can recognize faces and see the villains. Who knows, maybe the system is broken or maybe… your past is very-very dark.

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