FNAF Security Breach Animatronics

Welcome to the latest and most long-awaited part of FNaF – Security Breach! The games from these series are known for incredible plot, interesting gameplay, but the main creative element definitely is a set of amazing characters. Indeed, animatronics are key for FNaF series – these furry, crazy, and violent creatures make the game as unique and interesting as it is. Of course, in the latest part of the game, you are going to meet both – old and new animatronics and they will definitely make your playing experience unforgettable. Want to know them closer? Here we go then. In this part, you will meet new and old animatronics, so get ready to appear in a pretty diverse company. The old ones will be dressed like old-school musicians because you will see them on the welcome concert for the mall opening. The amount of the active robots is six. Meet to know them a bit closer.
First and foremost, you will meet the main animatronic – the boos of them all – Freddy. In this part, as you may know, the animatronics give a glam rock concert and Freddy is one of the stars. He is called Glamrock Freddy and looks like one of the musicians from 70s. His role in the game – he is Gregory’s protector. The next character to pay attention to is Glamrock Chica. This is exactly that Chica you remember from the previous part, only now she is a guitarist and a rock star dressed and made up accordingly. She has a blue-white guitar and a cupcake. The next guy to meet is Montgomery Gator – an alligator animatronic in stylish star-shaped glasses. This guy is another glam-rock animatronic ready to snap his sharp teeth around your neck, so be careful! He is another guitarist in Freddy’s band. Roxanne Wolf is a new animatronic in the game and another musician in the band. She is a wolf-lady with a sour personality. Other new animatronics are Moon and Sun. They are not animals, but rather robots that look like sun and moon (as you have guessed). Their expressions are pretty creepy and they also play in the band. The Moon plays keyboard, while the Sun seems to be a back-vocalist. The rest of the game characters are just service robots – they lack unique personalities and act as background ones.

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