FNaF Plus

Here is great news for all fans of the FNAF horror series. The game has been remade, and now you can enjoy an absolutely new release – FNAF Plus! This remake belongs to a different author who decided to rework the first part of the Five Nights at Freddy’s adventure. The intention was to offer new thrilling content to players. The original plot has not changed a lot – you again will have to play for a night guard who gets a new job in the popular pizzeria with funny animatronics. But already during the first shift, he will discover that these toys are not lovely at all and the main task of the hero is to keep these monsters at bay and survive till morning.

As soon as you start playing the Plus version, you will immediately notice that all the details have been redesigned with more care. However, the office of the hero is now much smaller, making it more difficult to lock the door in time and more crucial to watch the animatronics through cameras. You will see all the old characters from the previous FNAF chapters but you will also meet Helpy, a new toy. However, your knowledge of the original gameplay will not help you much. The thing is that in this new release, all cameras have been rearranged and now it will become a completely new challenge to navigate in this dangerous pizzeria. Do not miss your chance to enjoy this new remake and trick crazy animatronics again! But get ready to a lot of thrills and jumpscares!

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9 Stars
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