Five Nights at Shrek’s Hotel

The game immerses the player into the atmosphere of the scary hotel that hides the mystery. It is supposed to be an ordinary hotel but at night it turns into an evil place with lots of dangers. Its main mystery is a scary green giant that is living here. The player is the main character of the game who, by an unfortunate coincidence, wandered into the hotel. Now he has to survive in the hotel because the local giant hates uninvited guests, especially people.

The game has two components – horror and funny. The player has to wander through the dark corners of the hotel and solve riddles, and puzzles, and pass through mini-games. At the same time, he will be chased by a dangerous giant who will attack as soon as he sees the protagonist. One can only escape from him by fleeing or hiding in other rooms of the hotel, closets, and under tables and beds – there are many rooms in the hotel that will also help one bypass the villain.

The funny component includes lots of Easter Eggs, secrets, and, ironically, the giant, that came from the famous cartoon. In spite of his purpose, he has a very funny face and makes funny faces as he hunts for the main character. The player must wait until morning to survive.

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7 Stars
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