FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

Have you ever thought how interesting it might be to create your own animatronic? Well, as you know, these guys are pretty violent, so chances are that your creation would rather tear you into pieces that became your best furry friend. In this game, you have a chance to customize numerous animatronics and play with them in the pizzeria of Freddy Fazbear. Literally, this part of the game welcomes you to create your own torturer and a real nightmare that will come for you when the night falls. So are you ready for an experiment like that?
The game allows you to combine different parts of existing animatronics. For example, you can use the head of Foxy and the body of Mangle, add clothes of Circus Baby, and Freddy’s accessories. There are more! The game also includes additional elements and features that don’t belong to a concrete character. You are welcome to make your own and see what you have. In addition to appearance, you can also create animatronics’ personalities and temper. This means that a full character creator is at your hands! Unlike most of them, this one allows you to test your creepy creations in action. Have fun and feel yourself like a mad creator of a nightmare!

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96 Stars
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