In the fifth part of FNaF, you are going to play for the protagonist of the main games of the series – Michael Afton. The game presents a new animatronic – Circus Baby. He works at the company that provides animatronics for rent and works as a guardsman. During the night shifts, he is obliged to turn on the animatronics to prepare them for a working day when the sun rises. The AI of the pizzeria informs Mike about Circus Baby and reasons she was created. When the second night comes, the pizzeria immerses into the darkness, because the electricity disappears. This is when the horror starts. Now our poor hero must save his live and hide from the mechanical animals that are going crazy and want to kill him.
During the third night, you will check the animatronics, but Circus Baby will lock you in the costume, where you will wake up when the next night comes. To stay alive during this most horrible night, you will have to stand against the Scooper machine, Minireena, and try to keep the locks closed. The creepy events will become even more violent later, so get ready to tease your nerves a bit and good luck! The game has diverse endings that depend on your decisions. There are two ways to choose from, so be wise and don’t trust Circus Baby!

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23 Stars
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