FNAF Security Breach

Do you hear the sirens? It seems like we have a security breach here. The animatronics, mad and bloodthirsty, are here to kill people. Unluckily, you are the only one at this huge entertainment center at night. This means that the only potential victim of the mechanical animals is you. The game unwarps itself around the main character and this time, this is a young blond woman you have seen in the previous trailers of the game. She is cursed and animatronics are chasing her at night. They come to scare her to death and there is nothing she can do. Now she appears at the epicenter of animatronics’ life – this is Freddy’s Pizza Megaplex.
With years, our Freddy Fazbear managed to turn his small town pizzeria into a huge mall, which means that there are more animatronics here, as well as that they are more technically advanced. The plot is based on the story around Vanessa, a lady in the costume of a white rabbit – she is possessed by the spirit of William Afton, that came back to life as a ghost and tries to continue his nasty deeds with the hands of another person. As we have already mentioned the actions take place in a huge mall created by Freddy and his colleagues. You will have to deal with mad animatronics one more time and do your best to survive in the opposition with the real monsters. They have no mercy and what is more – they are a bit broken, so their only desire is to kill. You won’t recognize these animals at night – during the daytime, they dance and sing with kids, but when the night falls, they turn into murderers. In this game you will meet old and new animatronics, including the glam-rock versions of those you remember from the previous parts of the franchise – they are dressed in a very unusual way and have a makeup in the KISS style. Like in the previous parts of the game, animatronics are out of control and they are extremely hostile towards you.
Vanessa and the voice of the killer in her head are planning something horrible, but you don’t know what exactly – there are hints about that, but you won’t be sure. The voice says that the girl must prepare herself for something important and “choose the one”. This mysterious phrase is related to one of the kids that will be murdered during the animatronics’ concert. The mechanical animals dressed like glam-rock musicians have arranged an event and the kids are here. The plot will start developing after the concert – you will find out the direction of it right away.

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